Our Signatures


The inimitable character of Patina is carved out of a series of signature features. It is the blend of these hallmarks that enriches our guest's experience, making it exceptional and unforgettable.

Art & Architecture

Our Signatures


Exemplary art and architecture have the ability to surprise and enchant. Their presence nourishes and their integrity resonates. Patina is a dedicated patron of the creative industries. Our passion for the subject is demonstrated in our collection, commission and curation of original art and sculpture to grace our hotels and resorts. We also collaborate with world-renown talent on the creation of our environments. A shining example of our commitment to design excellence is the exemplary team assembled for the realisation of Capitol Singapore: award-winning architect, Richard Meier, and illustrious interior designer Jaya Ibrahim. Art Exploration and Painting programmes with bespoke cultural itineraries take the guest’s artistic journey further.

Patina 360° Concierge™

Our Signatures


Patina 360° Concierge™ is a unique service concept, developed by our award-winning hospitality team. It is inspired by how much we value the passions and skills of every team member. Our philosophy is that each employee is an ambassador of the brand – their deep insider knowledge providing guests with the perfect art, dining and cultural itineraries to match their individual tastes and interests. By encouraging and empowering them to share their local understanding, Patina can deliver highly personalised and meaningful services to guests.

24-Hour Stay

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We understand that the best-laid travel plans can be subject to disruption due to delayed flights or last minute changes to an itinerary. To ease the pressure, guests staying in our Club Rooms or Suites can benefit from a full ‘24-hour stay’, regardless of their arrival time.


Our Signatures


Few experiences match the artistry and evocative flavours of authentic cuisine captured by highly skilled culinary talents. The potential of fine food to take you to another place – on a journey to the lands and seas that inspired the dishes – is something that we cherish and nurture.

At each Patina destination, we have developed remarkable signature restaurants that are loved by guests and discerning locals alike. An atmosphere of discovery and excitement pervades, as people come together to appreciate the eclectic flavours of Patina.

Bespoke events

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A lavish wedding, a pivotal corporate function or an intimate private party: we combine our seamless service style with personalised culinary experiences to create authentic and successful events. We believe that in the collaborative design and management of guest events, we are creating the crafted context in which lasting memories are made.


Our Signatures


The simple act of relaxing into tranquility and leaving the awareness of time behind is the benefit we bring to guests of The Patina Spa. We place our absolute focus on the wellbeing of body and mind. Sumptuous serenity, essential restfulness, a vital recharge or an invigorating workout – Patina is dedicated to the act and art of rejuvenation.

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