Kinsfolk celebrates the family bond by generating creative ways to strengthen it. In the moment, the family of minds come together as one, and for all time, beautiful memories are made for each member to cherish.


With a focus on reconnection, Kinsfolk encourages the setting aside of distractions so that experiences can be fully felt and collectively shared. In its crafts, sports, culinary skills and travel adventures, Kinsfolk is a world of immersive activities to explore indoors and out.


Through collaboration and teamwork, loved ones discover more about each other, grow together, and unfold the wonder of family. And in these moments, anecdotes of the future are formed – the precious stories passed down and treasured forever.


Our Kinsfolk activities engage in the vital health of earth and every living organism on it. Together, families can contribute to the good work of our partners in planetary protection and take away with them a shared vision for how today can give to tomorrow.

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