Kinsfolk strengthens the human bond by generating reasons to explore unity. It brings minds, senses, and perspectives together as one. It is connection at its most essential – the interpersonal energy and the shared consciousness.


We play out the soundscapes formed by the area's most talented mix-makers, because music is a soul-freeing, time-defining experience with the power to spark social bonds. It fuels the collective energy, invites expression, stirs feelings, and inspires immersion.


We are the stage for the rousing voices of progressive minds – the thinkers and ground-breakers that take our guests on an uplifting journey of productive thought. Through creative collaboration and connective conversations, people learn more about each other, grow together, and unearth the promise of affinity. In sharing the process of origination, relationships are forever amplified.


The ties between loved ones are made stronger through Patina’s world of activity and exploration. It sees people grow together and unfold the wonder of family. Reconnection is at its most profound when it is formed through collective reality. And in these moments, precious anecdotes of the future are formed as the kindle that carries that connection on.

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