We explore the wonder of making healthy taste heavenly, and we innovate to bring unexpected experiences to the table. Our fusion is one of plant goodness with satisfyingly delicious flavours. We call on nutritionists and rising local culinary talents to collaborate in the conception and perfection of our menus. And we pair their creativity with the social synergy of sharing tables. We believe in the healing powers of green, and our vegan restaurants combine a delicious plant-based diet with the best from today’s organic and natural winemakers.


We are part of the slow-food movement, minimising food waste and our carbon footprint in the way we source ingredients, operate our kitchens, and serve our food. We understand the responsibility to honour nature.


A story of nature inspires each dish. Our chefs look to the myriad ways she has of sharing her wonder. By starting with an idea, the plate becomes a canvas for true originality.


Roots answers the needs of vegans and the vegan-curious. It brings together seasonality, nutritional quality, and the inherent freshness of whole-food and raw-food veganism.


For the miles we save and the authenticity we bring, we go to local and regional suppliers for our ingredients. We work within the seasons to offer flavours at their genuine best.

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