Patina Sanya,

Sanya was referred by the ancient Chinese as the city at the end of the sky and sea. Today, the city is one of the country’s most visited spots; it is the start of a tropical paradise and where a world of extraordinary experiences awaits at Hainan Island. Patina Sanya is located 40 minutes away from the main airport and is nestled between the central business district and the marina, where major shopping malls are at.

Opening 2025

Designed by critically acclaimed Danish studio BIG, Patina Sanya brings an unexpected take to the city. An architecture wonder that is experienced above and below, inside and out. The resort stitches together a journey of 12 iconic Sanya destinations, where the public spaces are a reflection of these landscapes - starting by a walk down the Broad Walk, along the Marina, going up to the Rolling Hills before reaching the top of the Summit.

The rooms and suites are intertwined within the environment, a seamless flow between urban and nature, articulated in its interiors with skylight roofs, terrace overlooking the bay and locally-sourced materials such as lava stone and Li brocade. It is an urban resort where limitless possibilities of stimulation and sanctuary await.


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