Balance is a way of life. It is movement, nutrition, sleep and stress-relief therapies combining to maintain and enhance personal wellbeing holistically. At Patina, that starts at the door. In a distinctly nourishing and intriguing environment, finding balance begins the self-discovery, self-care process.


We believe in the art of hacking our biology in the name of energising and enhancing our bodies and minds. Nutrition plays a huge part in that, but so does everything that stimulates our senses. Our collaborations with thought-leaders on this modern form of holisticism bring our guests the inspiration, tools, and guidance they need to reveal the best version of themselves.


Our profoundly nurturing spa with a holistic heart guides guests in their desire to refresh, rejuvenate, re-energise, and release. Using the restorative power of curative and preventive remedies, our expert therapists tune into each individual. Then, they apply a bespoke blend of traditional techniques and innovative treatments using crafted, targeted products. By layering wisdoms and practices from both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the therapists can unearth the body’s own source of wellbeing to enhance sleep, reduce stress, rejuvenate skin, and combat the negative effects of travel.


We embrace innovations in wellbeing technology proven for their ability to bring balance. Cryotherapy for recovery and rejuvenation. 4D LED beds for full body energy. Flotation tanks for relaxation. And Infrared Saunas for detoxification.

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