Every room and suite at Patina shares the essential principles of design for wellbeing to foster a positive emotional experience in every minute of every stay.


Harmony is felt in the textures, the colours, the layout and craft of the furniture, the air quality, and the acoustics of the private rooms. With the senses given comfort, relaxation leads to restorative sleep. We encourage natural light to flood in and boost circadian rhythms. And, in the hours of darkness, intuitive lighting technology enables guests to set levels to suit their mood.


The innate radiance of organic, sustainable materials brings both characterful detail and a close-to-nature feel to the rooms. They are made for mindful moments. To aid the pursuit of inner peace, rooms include meditation packs including a yoga mat, aromatherapy blends and breathing technique tutorials.


With single-use plastic banished, we offer our guests next-generation amenities and accessories formed of sustainable materials. And we extend our dream of clean by ensuring rooms are havens of smoke-free air.

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