FAHR 021.3

This work of art is a construction of a temporal moment that hovers over the beach, recreating a scenic space of fruition between the sea and the vegetation. Through a very simple geometric action the idea of this piece is to be able to build a new space of dialogue between the human body with the landscape and time that surrounds it.

Waves on the beach of Patina Maldives

About the

FAHR 021.3 was founded by Filipa Frois Almeida and Hugo Reis in 2012 in Porto, Portugal. They are an internationally awarded creative and experimental studio, which (un)focuses its work between Art and Architecture.

Derived from the German word Erfahrung (experience), FAHR 021.3 stands up as a lab studio developing conceptual strategies on the brink of unexpected, contradiction, and decontextualisation.

The restlessness and the constant desire to seek new solutions, give rise to a variety of performances differing on manifesto, temporary, scale and materials.

Exploring the boundaries between disciplines, FAHR develops architectural interventions at different scales with new imaginative purposes.

Art @ Patina

Art has the power to seduce, provoke, soothe and inspire. It moves us, makes us question what we know, and repositions our relationship with the world. Throughout the island, art is given a voice.

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is where art, nature, space and community harmoniously coexist and interact to create fruitful, long-lasting relationships. The many textures, forms, attitudes and experiences of our collection live together as an expression of the continuous cadence of life.

Walks on the beach at Patina Maldives

Make the

Patina Maldives is a devotion to dimensionality and a new expression of island life.

You create the flow that makes the island your own.


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