Ocean Archaeology of Our Time

Presenting a formidable testament to environmental stewardship at Patina Maldives—a masterpiece by renowned conceptual artist and environmental activist, Pamela Longobardi. This captivating installation, crafted from 21.73 kilograms of repurposed marine plastic, not only highlights Longobardi’s creativity but also stands as a compelling reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard our oceans.

Waves on the beach of Patina Maldives

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Through my art, I feel like I’m making monuments to a pivotal moment in human evaluation when we reached the brink in realization. We came to understand that we are not alone in this planet but rather reliant on so many other fantastical fellow lifeforms. We are in a moment in time now to turn the ship in a different direction and I want to be part of making that visible to everyone.

Pamela Longobardi

Pamela Longobardi is an eminent figure at the crossroads of artistry and activism, celebrated for her unwavering commitment to combatting the widespread menace of marine plastic pollution. Her achievements encompass the esteemed Hudgens Prize and a distinguished professorship at Georgia State University. Longobardi’s creations have adorned the pages of internationally renowned publications like National Geographic and Sierra Magazine, as well as exhibitions, galleries, museums, and public spaces worldwide.

A conceptual artist and environmental advocate, Longobardi employs a multifaceted approach that merges anthropology, environmental research, and forensic documentation. Her unique process involves the collection and transformation of non-degradable plastic debris, salvaged from waterways and beaches, into impactful expressions – abstract paintings, intricate assemblages, and monumental installations.

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Longobardi spearheads the renowned Drifters project, a global initiative that unites citizens, students, scientists, filmmakers, and indigenous communities in the labour-intensive cleanup of sea caves, beaches, and coastlines. The ongoing intervention serves as a poignant testament to her commitment to mobilising diverse communities for environmental preservation.

Her art serves as a powerful commentary on consumer culture, environmental neglect, and the socio-political consequences of global conflict, prompting poignant reflections on humanity's intricate relationship with plastic consumption.

Art @ Patina

Art has the power to seduce, provoke, soothe and inspire. It moves us, makes us question what we know, and repositions our relationship with the world. Throughout the island, art is given a voice.

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is where art, nature, space and community harmoniously coexist and interact to create fruitful, long-lasting relationships. The many textures, forms, attitudes and experiences of our collection live together as an expression of the continuous cadence of life.

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Patina Maldives is a devotion to dimensionality and a new expression of island life.

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